Unlocking the Power of Your Network: Understanding Data Cabling and What Network Cabling can do for you!


Experienced Data Cable Installation Liverpool

Whatever your Data Cabling Liverpool requirements, 2580, is an experienced, skilled data cabler that can flex to your specification, service level requirements and geography. From simple one-off data cabling installation jobs to on-going, out-sourced support contracts or as white label partners planning and delivering large infrastructure network cable installations on your behalf; you can rely on the quality of our work and the responsiveness of our service, plus we offer up to a 25 year guarantee on all installs!

2580 Data Cabling – Data Cable Installation Liverpool, Network Cable Installation Liverpool

As the world becomes increasingly connected to the internet, whether it is CCTV installation, Wi-Fi installation requires setting up new network connections in your office or business. This requires careful consideration of things such as data cabling.

Data cabling, (also known as structured cabling or structured network cabling) is a vital piece of your network infrastructure that provides comprehensive telecommunications capabilities to business owners – we consider it the backbone of your IT infrastructure.

With a well-structured data cabling installation from 2580, you will be able to seamlessly and effortlessly transmit various signals across the network, including;

  • Data
  • Audio
  • Video

Our Ethos is to offer “Cabling without the headache”! We work as a trusted partner, to solve your data cabling needs, as well as being able to work around your schedule including out of office hours if you prefer to minimise downtime.

A well-structured data cabling system is so important and you can trust 2580 to get the job done!

Data cabling installation should be easy & simple to manage

A cluttered tangle of wires in an office is both impractical and difficult to manage. In addition, it gives off an unprofessional vibe to any clients!

When done properly, data cabling, does not just solve your connectivity problems. It also creates a visually appealing workplace without the stress or worry that comes from tangled wires. Our team of data cablers and network cablers is made up of professional, neat and organised engineers, who use clearly labelled and accessible cables.

Upon certification, we offer a 25-year warranty, so things are less likely to go wrong, but if they do, if your system is tidy and well organised, you can avoid the risk of unplugging essential connections and minimise downtime.

Cost effective once operational

Structured cabling is an extremely cost-effective solution. It’s a one-and-done investment for the future of your business that is adaptable to meet your needs, including if you need to upgrade in the future because your company is growing.

Once operational, it will also come with lower maintenance costs and making it the ideal networking solution for any business.

Whilst this investment is important, we recognise this is a large payment to make, so in order to support a wide variety of businesses, we offer several financing options to help spread the cost where required.

Return on investment

Investing in data cabling is a future-proof decision that guarantees a reliable network system for your business.

With technology and digital advancements evolving at a rapid pace, data cabling provides a large bandwidth that can efficiently handle any workload. This makes it highly scalable and ensures that your network is dependable even in critical situations.

Not only does this keep you ahead of the competition, but it also enables you to offer top-notch services to your clients and customers. Investing in data cabling through a partner like 2580 is therefore a smart choice, for a future-proof network.

One trusted Data Cabling partner

We take the headache out of cabling! How we do that is we work as an extension of your IT department – whether in-house or third party – to deliver what you need.

Our solution includes; fixed pricing to protect your budget, a 25-year guarantee on installations, regular updates on the progress of jobs, and flexibility – all to suit your needs and the brief. We are also operating nationally, so able to service locations from Scotland to South-end!

White-Label Data Cabling Service Provider

As nationwide data cablers, our clients include leading IT resellers and managed service providers for whom we are their preferred supplier as White-Label Data Cabler – whatever their client requires connecting to the network – we are their cctv installer, av installers, wifi installation preferred partner.

We are brand agnostic and our team of expert data cablers, network cablers have installed thousands of network connections to date. Whether it’s a network cable, cctv or wifi installation you can rest assured with our onsite support as an extension of your brand – delivering nationwide cabling without the headache!

What is data cabling?

Yes, we have multiple clients and work with service providers in Liverpool and Merseyside.

Yes, the average experience of each team member is 5 to 10 years

Yes, we are experts in our industry

Yes, we check the performance of the cable and certify the installation using a fluke DSX-5000.

Yes. Once the installation is complete we provide the test results to the cabling manufacturer and the manufacturer provides a warranty for up to 25 years.
Tests will be performed using a fluke DSX-5000

Yes, our preferred brands are Excel, and Connectix.

Yes. We hold many insurances which include public liability at £5M.

Yes. We are a CHAS approved contractor which means we practice safe working systems. We will also provide you with RAMMS which includes a risk and COSHH assessment and method statement.

Yes. What we quote, is what you pay! So there are no nasty surprises. We are able to guarantee our quote by carrying out a free site survey prior to providing you with the quote.

Yes we can provide ongoing maintenance, but in general when data cabling is installed correctly maintenance is very low. However, we can offer quarterly visit to some clients where we review the installation rectify any issues, if they arise. This tends to be more within the education sector, as outlets can sometimes be vandalised.

Yes, we can flex to your needs. If that means doing a night or a twilight shift, we can do this. However, we go a step further than this because we work with retail clients where failure is not an option because downtime for them means they cannot trade.

Yes. We have a 3-step process: to protect what is already in place, remove all packaging and then clean the site of installation after use. All rubbish, product packaging and wastage is then disposed of ethically.




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